Xbox One Emulator for PC (Windows) & Mac OS is working!

About two days ago, I saw a showing complete working sample of Xbox One emulator in action. Made for PC and Mac machines which seems to be nothing special, for the reason, that the Xbox360 console is about ten years. But this console one could work on next generation Microsoft’s console games!

Xbox One Emulator

Imagine this scenario: Your friends come over to your house to play it with you, but you do not have this latest console! You play on your PC or Mac only! To create the best: You play in the online multiplayer mode, as well as your friend! What seems impossible is the greatest thing I’ve seen in years. I mean, you want to buy an expensive Xbox One? Or do you want to download an emulator for it and play most games without extra money?
Never spend money for these type of games again! Get this ultimate software and play them all for free!
It is a positive change. I had a small problem with the BIOS, but after contact with the direct support sent me a response. It was taken over six hours; then I remembered I had their email address in my google mail. With this zip file is a list of games that can be downloaded. Links are typical inside. I asked why these people do not give the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on their website and their answers to a lot of individuals was that they do not want to have a problem with the law.

The thing is that at least they offer it for PC and Mac, nothing different. They give people advice on where you should download games for it, but they do not provide them for direct getting on their site. After the acquisition of this little contact, I went to the page and started to download.
I mean, the console system software are as large as 15 to 25 gigabytes. I tried a little on the initial, Call of Duty Ghost. I just wanted to see if the emulator usually delays or works fine. The resolution was HD (1280x720p), and I could play with 60 fps. In fact, my computer is just not good but yet could play it very well.

Oh, I forgot to mention: You can play with some controller. You can also use a PlayStation 3 DualShock controller. Recently I connected via USB.

Download and installing the emulator
Download it on its official website:

If you want to enjoy the highest level of entertainment on your computer, the first thing you have to do is get it. Then extract the files in one place. After that, run the .exe file. Prepare the ISO games which you’re going to run. Once this is done, you can now start using XboxOne on your computer.

I. Visit the link above in post to download the application.
II. Download setup file and install it on your preferable device.
III. Open, locate the “BIOS” (in the main installation folder) and click OK.
IV. Viola! You’re ready to start playing!

Forza Horizon 3 Emulator

Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay Screenshot

Some more titles we have tested with Xbox One Emulator are: Ori and the Blind Forest, Forza Motorsport 6, Titanfall, Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War 4, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Dance Central Spotlight, Killer Instinct and some others.

Have fun!