PS2 Emulator for PC “PCSX2”

PS2 Emulator PCSX2In case you are in the market for a complete and functional PS2 emulator then the PCSX2 should be your first choice. This is because with each new version that comes in the market, users are assured of good speed and improved stability. Not only are you able to directly insert your PS2 game into your CD/DVD drive and proceed to play on your PC but you also get to enjoy an actively developed software with wonderful support.

PCSX2 is an open source program which is compatible with a number of games in the PS2’s 2400+ titles library. The games library is updated from time to time. Many new ones are added in its library every week. In terms of speed, you will find that this tool is one of the most intensive in the market. Regardless of this factor however, in case your PC is not up-to-per then you will find that the speeds become slow. To solve the slowness, you need to understand the recommend official requirements from the PCSX2 site and ensure that your PC is suited to them.

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Requirements to enjoy the PCSX2

  • You will need BIOS that is copyrighted by Sony if you wish to use this emulator.
  • It is possible to rip games from your own disks by making use of the DVD encrypter and then playing them with an appropriate plugin or you can play your desired one directly from the Disc.
  • Much as this program does come with most plugins. You will find that there are some that you may have to download-especially if you wish to up your speed or attain compatibility with other ones.
  • You may need an optical controller if you wish to play the games with more ease.

As a tip; if you wish to play games smoothly with no errors then you need to run the PCSX2 as an admin. In addition, you should ensure that the plugins you select are the right ones. If you face any issue, then we would recommend you try restarting it. As most of the issues are solved by a simple restart.

Download PCSX2 for free on its official website here.

Overall, this is one pretty awesome application to own. There are plenty of options that come with the emulator and it is pretty easy to use. The best thing we liked about it is its ability to play the latest games as well.