Hitman 2016 (PC Game) Review

Hitman is an episodic action video game that was developed by IO interactive and made available by Square Enix for PlayStation 4. It is the sixth production its series, which released its first episode on 11 March this year and the second episode on 26 March.

Hitman 6 for PC

How The Game is Played
Hitman is played by a third person where players are given a chance to take down Agent 47, a genetically modified superhuman assassin, moving to designated locations and getting rid of the targets. Here, the players are given a huge room for creativity while approaching their main target. The players are also given a chance to use snipers to target the assassin from a long distance, or by using a blade when killing the assassin.

The gameplay is designed such that players will be able to target items from a vast sandbox with a complete power to approach it. The game can be funny at times because one is given a chance to disguise themselves fully and this enables one to get close to an important target without anyone noticing. Hitman has placed a lot of emphasis on costumes, information smuggling, and corruption which might be similar to mission impossible, but when played it’s a naked gun kind of game.

What Is Contained In The Intro Pack
The first episode is available in the Intro Pack, which has small game levels and a full-size mission game. This might not seem as much, but hitman is back with a new level known as Show Stopper produced in a Parisian palace, which is huge and has sandboxes filled with possibilities. When you play as agent 47, you will be able to take down most obstacles in any way you please. You will also have a chance to stop and observe the events.

Hitman also supports many play styles, from destructive murder episodes, to clean professional hits. The replay ability is encouraged by this episodic format, unlike the end-of-mission rating screen.

Directions Are Provided
When you need some directions, a new system will provide some guidelines for you. The solutions are so unique since they work like blood money setpieces, and points at some of the satisfying kills. The puzzle element is removed completely by fully enabled opportunities, but you can select another version that will disable the UI or remove the objective makers.

Where Does Success Come In?
Its broad appeal succeeds the Hitman. It only takes the efforts of a third party and absolute accessibility and some instincts so as to highlight the targets, weapons, and most information. But I’d personally recommend you to always turn off the opportunities when you are making your first attempts on the game. The sandboxes will provide you with a unique way of approaching the systems and that is just perfect!

Xbox One Emulator for PC & Mac – Review

About two days ago, I saw a showing complete working sample of Xbox One emulator in action. Made for PC and Mac machines which seems to be nothing special, for the reason, that the Xbox360 console is about ten years. But this console one could work on next generation Microsoft’s console games!

Xbox One Emulator

Imagine this scenario: Your friends come over to your house to play it with you, but you do not have this latest console! You play on your PC or Mac only! To create the best: You play in the online multiplayer mode, as well as your friend! What seems impossible is the greatest thing I’ve seen in years. I mean, you want to buy an expensive Xbox One? Or do you want to download an emulator for it and play most games without extra money?
Never spend money for these type of games again! Get this ultimate software and play them all for free!
It is a positive change. I had a small problem with the BIOS, but after contact with the direct support sent me a response. It was taken over six hours; then I remembered I had their email address in my google mail. With this zip file is a list of games that can be downloaded. Links are typical inside. I asked why these people do not give the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on their website and their answers to a lot of individuals was that they do not want to have a problem with the law. The thing is that at least they offer an Xbox One Emulator (Download link) for PC and Mac, nothing different. They give people advice on where you should download games for it, but they do not provide them for direct getting on their site. After the acquisition of this little contact, I went to the page and started to download.
I mean, the console system software are as large as 15 to 25 gigabytes. I tried a little on the initial, Call of Duty Ghost. I just wanted to see if the emulator usually delays or works fine. The resolution was HD (1280x720p), and I could play with 60 fps. In fact, my computer is just not good but yet could play it very well.

Oh, I forgot to mention: You can play with some controller. You can also use a PlayStation 3 DualShock controller. Recently I connected via USB.

How to download and use this emulator
If you want to enjoy the highest level of entertainment on your PC, the first thing you have to do is download it. Then extract the files in one place. After that, run the .exe file. Prepare the ISO games which you’re going to run. Once this is done, you can now start using Xbox One on the computer.


  1. Visit the link above in post to download the emulator.
    II. Download setup file and install it on your preferable device.
    III. Open, locate the “bios” (in the main installation folder) and click OK.
    IV. Viola!


Alienation coverFrom the stables of Housemarque comes this great game called Alienation. More or less of us who might have played Superstar dust HD and Dead Nation are already familiar with Housemarque, and we know, when it comes to awesome games, they are not to be left behind.

Alienation takes place on earth where we obviously have, a lot of aliens needed to be destroyed by…. YOU of course, in the form of three super soldiers. Alienation might look similar to Dead Nation but the thing is it is faster, more stunning and much more addictive. We have the super sneaky, stealthy Saboteur, the exceptional medic that shoots – Bio Specialist, and of course the forcefully muscled, all powerful Tank. You don’t get to use all three at once, which makes choosing a favorite kinder difficult, although you can experience their unique abilities since you can have up to three other players on the battlefield with you in an online multiplayer mode. For me though, I think the Saboteur is the one that can go against all odds, what with, it’s invisibility (temporary), two lightning fast rushes and laser guided missiles.

This game comes with really stunning graphics and mad ass gameplay, like in ice filled places, your character leaves in footprints while he runs. The fact that you can run and shoot at the same time makes it more compelling, audio is satisfactorily awesome combining greatly with the visuals; you get to hear the grunts made by the aliens when they are shot, blood spilling on the ground, sparks that fly away when bullets are shot and explosions that fill up the screen.

Now before each mission, you get briefed on what you are going into before you get dropped into some kind of map and a very massive one at that. Aiming is quite easy, all thanks to a blue laser which points you in the direction to fire. You won’t be dealing with a small army of aliens though, you’ve got some mutated whatnots, some Spidey insects that will lunge at you, carry shields and they shoot with accuracy too; your screen will always be filled with things to shoot at, mobile and stationary, things are always going to blow up, it might be you, your enemies or the both of you. This is where the dashes come to play, the dashes will provide you with extra space so you won’t be overwhelmed.
It’s not only about shooting the aliens on the screen, there are also mini bosses around to defeat, crates in which you’ll find different kinds of weapons with different levels and rarity, there are blue, purple and orange to classify how rare they are, and you can also earn XP to level up your soldier. The more you upgrade your soldier and weapons, the easier it will be for you to get through the stages.

Another thing is, when you are online, a random player can just pop into your game – that is if it’s activated in the startup menu, and start hacking off the offensive, helping you get through more easily. This can come in handy, especially if you are in a tight spot. In the multiplayer mode, you can have up to three other players with you to make it more fun and to show the full extent of each character’s ability. For example, Bio Specialist heals up the team’s XP overtime, releases toxic gas that is dangerous to aliens only and has loads of nanomachines she sends out to kill the aliens, Tank provides massive cover, hits the ground to produce a Shockwave that causes mass destruction and shoots energy that destroys enemies in a straight path; and Saboteur cuts through enemies with the swipe of his sword, mark and call down missiles on nearby enemies and bends light to make all invisible.

All in all, Alienation is a very great game, hour after hour, you jump in your missions, take down aliens, collect crates and XP, level up your players and most importantly have fun 🙂